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Still, even in 2018, Windows 7 Professional is one of the great running copy of Microsoft Windows that has been launched back in 2012. In order to activate and get the complete premium features working on your windows, you need to have a valid Windows 7 professional Product key. Windows 7 Professional is still the used more than Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

When talking for the organizational purposes, Windows 7 Professional is still being used the most of its reachability.

What’s Special About Windows 7 Professional Serial Key?

Well in order to activate your copy of any windows, you need to have genuine windows. And in order to make your copy of windows completely legal and working, you need to have the genuine serial or product keys for window 7, so that you can easily activate your copy of windows.

windows 7 product key

The Special thing here about the windows 7 professional serial key is that it is the most easily available and still been published, serial keys from Microsoft. Windows  7 keys are the serial codes that can activate the windows 7 easily. These are the 25 digit keys.

Activate windows 7 professional serial key using internet, or activate windows 7 professional product key using free serial keys for windows 7 professional

One more important thing that I will like you to be reminded is that, if you are the professional, working, organization, then these are not the right place where you can get the keys for windows 7 professional. However, in this post, these are the shared keys for window 7 professional, which are here published to help out the students that need the windows copy for their educational purposes. These are the keys to windows that are for the use of students only who cannot afford to purchase genuine windows keys. If you are anything other then students then we strictly suggest you buy the genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Key.

Windows 7 Professional Price:

Talking about the genuine windows price, then it varies from $10 to $50, depending upon the sellers, You can avail many offers and many discounts on the internet regarding key for windows. So we suggest you to simply buy the Windows 7 Product key. However from the Microsoft and many more websites that have created many schemes for the students, where the free key are released for the students, thus we are simply sharing the shared and the keys published for the students.

windows 7 professional vs ultimate

When talking of the windows 7, there are the two major and the most used version, of the windows 7, i.e. Windows 7 Professional And the Windows 7 Ultimate. These both are the most useful versions of the windows, In these Windows 7 professional is famous among the offices and the organization uses, whereas, Windows 7 ultimate is famous for the high level of computing like in the Advertising, heavily video editing industries.

Windows 7 professional updates are now been stopped from the Microsoft. So and all the support from the Microsoft will completely be withdrawn by 2020. However, you can easily get them on the third party websites but these do not have those capacities to make windows 7 professional upgrade key available. And you can try as you think.

Note: Please share the working keys in the comments also.

If you want to completely install and use the windows 7 professional operating system on your computer you need to have the activated product keys. If you’ve lost your key or have a pirated version of Windows 7, you can find FREE genuine serial keys in this post. Here is his post, you will also get the completely working ways to activate windows 7 professional serial key.


Windows 7 professional key found on the internet, do they really work?

Well, many users can easily search for the working windows 7 professional serial key on the internet, but the problem that arises s that, most of these keys do not work.  Mostly you will find the free keys that are completely bogus. And another problem is that many websites do not get updated and thus their keys get exhausted. So these keys became unable to work. Thus you became unable to activate your copy of windows 7 professional serial key.

No need to worry as we have the completely and constantly updating the list of windows 7 professional product key.

How does Windows 7 professional key work?

You get the free 1 month trial on installing the windows 7 professional on your systems. However, when this trial expires, you can simply activate windows 7 using the 25 digit key code. When the windows 7 is hacked or cracked, then you may not require the working key. You always have the options to buy windows 7 professional 64 bit or buy windows 7 professional 32 bit, anytime in order to make the windows activated.

You can activate your windows using these simple steps:

  • Using Internet
  • Using Phone
  • Or get the reactivation,

You can easily activate your windows using the keys and even you can change the keys anytime you want. If in future you thing to buy the genuine key or get any supercool offers for windows 7 professional key online purchase.

Where can I find the working Window 7 Professional Product key?

I. If you have purchased the windows 7 then,

  1. Check on the box for the key,
  2. Check on your registered email address,
  3. Ask your retailer,
  4. Or you can get them here, for the trial basis,

windows 7 professional 64-bit product key

windows 7 professional 32-bit product key




Activate windows 7 professional without the product key?

You can simply follow these ways by which you can easily activate the windows 7 professional, without the use of the windows product key.

A Complete Guide to Windows 7 Serial key Activation.

  • Delete Windows 7 Professional System File, How to delete SLUI File?

step 1: Locate SLUI File,

step 2: Open (C:/Windows),

step 3: Open ‘System 32’ folder, And search for SLUI,

step 4: Delete the files under SLUI, and you will completely remove windows code for key activation, So your windows will stop asking for the windows activation.

Activated windows 7 professional serial keys, can i activate windows 7 professional using free serial keys.

  • Activating Windows 7 Professional Serial key using CMD (Command Prompt)

You can easily activate windows 7, any version using the command prompt, aka CMD option. In this method you simply command your windows 7 operating system to forget about the activation and stop asking for the activation keys, By this method windows 7 professional start acting as activated. We suggest not to use windows 7 product key generator to activate windows 7. You can also Opt for windows 7 professional laptop purchase in order to get the activated windows.

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  1. Open the Run app,
  2. A prompt will appear where you have to enter text.
  3. Enter ‘CMD’ and hit Enter,
  4. A command prompt windows will appear, where you can enter the code,
  5. Type ‘slmgr –rearm’ in CMD, press enter,
  6. Restart Your Pc.
  7. Again follow same steps and open Command prompt and type ‘slmgr–ato’,
  8. Press Enter
  9. Restart your pc and now your copy of windows is activated.

These are the complete ways by which you can easily Activate windows 7 professional using serial keys. In case of any problem, please comment or contact us.





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