Solved: Windows Modules Installer Worker Windows 10

Working from a bit of hour or playing any of your favorite game and suddenly you realize that your Processor light is completely ON and your CPU fan is at full speed making a sound that can catch your ears easily. Normally this error depends on the processor and windows you are working with, but whenever the processor is at high speed then there you SMPS box fan will run at full speed.

Even after you have closed all of the running applications or programs, still the fan is running curiously, then you can find the reason in Windows Task Manager. On entering to Windows task manager you will typically notice the Windows Modules Installer Worker running with most of your CPU percentage and making your processor work at full speed causing a lot of heat which makes the computer fan run at its full speed. This process is called TiWorker.exe, which runs for the Windows files and a graphical processing unit.

Windows Modules Installer

Windows modules installer are basically the system tool which belongs to the operating system and runs the system process for the Windows OS, which enables the Installation, Modification, along with Windows update components. Windows modules installer worker high disk usage is basically a cause of windows update processes when your system starts installing new files and makes system files updated. This is the process which is responsible for running the windows update process in the background.

windows modules installer worker

Windows modules installer worker windows 10 cannot be stopped or paused normally. You have to get in deep a bit so that you can make the slow processing and stop your PC from getting stuck. In Windows 10 this feature is auto enabled everytime you login and connect to internet from your pc. In Windows XP,  Windows 7 and Windows 8 also Windows Modules installer is present and perform the same task.

Don’t get confused if you are using windows 10, as in Windows 10 this process is named by TiWorker.exe rather then Windows Modules in many of the versions for Windows 10. In task manager, if any one of the files can be located then you are going right for that instance. Since there are updates from Microsoft every month so whenever you are facing this problem, then it means that it’s just because of the patch file updates released by the Microsoft.

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You can simply turn these updates off by restarting your computer. You have the options to uninstall Windows modules installer process so that you can stop auto updates. However, we suggest never to delete any System file so you should leave these files also.

Windows Module Installer Worker High CPU Usage

Windows Module Installer worker windows 10 high CPU usage is typically caused due to the reason that windows start repairing and updating itself when connected to the internet and you have been online for a time in which windows was able to download the latest update files.

The quick update conducted by the computer leads to the system to start installing the updated files using Windows Modules Installer and thus start running your CPU and fan at full speed. Well if you simply leave this process to working background then it will be a nice option to simply let the processes complete by themselves. As when the process of updating of patch files gets completed, it will simply stop.

Disable Windows Modules Installer Worker

The question arises that shall you keep it running or you shall delete the windows modules installer so that there occurs no problem of overheating or over the speed of your CPU. We will not recommend you, in any case, to disable Windows Modules, as these are system files and switching OFF this particular file will certainly make your windows to stop processing updates. Stopping updates or using any system without proper system updates will make your OS vulnerable to outer threats and there will be performance glitches.

There is another method that can make your updates to start the launch of windows modules installer. Here you can set your network connection to Metered Connection, which will stop any further updates to download from metered connections. In this method, you can easily stop the Windows Modulus Installer to run but it is also unsecure as it will not download any security updated on your pc too. This can make your pc a threat as you will be not updated for the upcoming threat.

windows modules installer worker windows 10

This method can simply disable windows modules installer to stop downloading any updates, but you can still get the complete updates downloaded manually, but here the key point: After Downloading Windows Update Manually, Windows Modules Installer will run in order to update your System files. We would suggest you let the process run whenever it starts as this will keep your system updated.

Don’t get confused as Windows Modules Installer is a Virus. This is the part of the system file which is used for windows updates. Windows Modules Installer or TiWorker.exe, both are the part of your system files and neither is a threat and nor we suggest to disable or remove it.

Errors in Windows Modules Installer

There could be the case when your Windows Modules Installer must have been running for a really long time and have even caused your CPU to get hang problems or application crash. Then there must be an error of broken update file that has been downloaded due to which windows are trying to match the instances so these files can get working again. You can, however, use the troubleshooter so that you simply eliminate the glitches or errors that may be making your pc slow.

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You can use Windows Update and Troubleshooter option o run a scan for windows modules installer worker high disk usage windows 10. You can get to this option by simply going to Settings >> Update & Security >> Troubleshooter >> Apply fixes suggested by Windows Troubleshooter for TiWorker.exe.

Fix: Windows Modules Installer Worker High Disk Usage Error

Windows Modules Installer Worker high disk usage can sometimes become unresponsive and cause you trouble in your PC depending upon the type of processor you are using. We have here gathered some of the simple methods by which you can solve the windows modules installer worker windows 10 high disk problems easily. These methods are completely tested and are working. Following any of these will certainly eliminate your problem of high processing and problem related to windows modules.

Clean Reboot your PC

It is the basic way to solve any type of small problem on your pc. You can solve windows module installer worker windows 10 high cpu problemby simply rebooting your system. This will restart all system files and there will not be any further glitch on your pc.

Clean reboot actually clears all your temporary files and cookies. This actually cleans alltemporary and junks files from your system and you can simply sovle windows modules problm using following steps.

  1. Click on the Windows button and search for msconfig.exe.
  2. Double click on it to open it.
  3. Find MSConfig.exe and click on it ,
  4. Press Apply changes and then OK.
  5. No all you have to do is restart your computer.

Change Windows Update Settings to stop Windows Modules Worker High Disk Usage:

Usually, your windows are set on automatic update mode, thus it is easy for windows update process to get started and install updates. When there is any problem with the windows automatic update then usually tiworker.exe windows modules installer worker starts working and making the processing to work at full speed. You can solve this problem by simply turning your updates to Manual Mode and you can easily stop the processes to work on their own. Turning updates manually can give you the option that whenever you are free you can start updates to download and then let your computer process as it wants.

 windows modules installer

Follow these steps so that you can turn off updates and resolve the Windows modules installer.

 windows module installer worker windows 10

  1. Go to Start Menu Button
  2. Type Run,
  3. when the dialogue box appears, type services.msc and click OK.
  4. A new window will open, find windows modules installer worker, by searching on the search box.
  5. Open Windows Modules Installer ,
  6. Find Startup Type and change its setting to Manual.
  7. Click OK.
  8. After you are done, then go to ControlPanel and find Windows Update,
  9. Inside Windows Update settings, set Windows update to manual.
  10. Now, All you have to do is restart your computer.

TiWorker.exe Error

After you have applied and turned off the Windows Update to manual. Then there shall no more high CPU usage problem shall appear. If however it appears, and you notice the high CPU usage then here must be TiWorker Windows modules installer error making high CPU usage.  TiWorker.exe is also related to windows modules and can cause the problem. If you find this term on task manager consuming high cpu, then you shall clearly follow the steps listed below:

windows modules installer worker high disk

  1. Find out Windows Troubleshooter, and type Tiworker.exe and press enter.
  2. In the new window, look at the left side.
  3. You will some options there. Click on View All,
  4. Go to System Maintenance you will get the complete diagnostics started running and to start diagnosing the problem.
  5. I will automatically resolve any issues in your system within a few minutes.
  6. After that, you have to simply restart your computer.

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