Avast Secure Browser Download And Review

In mid-April of 2018, Avast Launched the incredible new Avast browser, i.e. Avast Secure Browser. The all-new avast secure is basically the successor of the renowned Avast Safezone Browser. As per its predecessor, Avast secure browser also works on chromium engine and basic opera functioning.

Avast Secure Browser focuses mainly on three major points,

  1. Speed of browsing
  2. Privacy for users
  3. And security from threats and malware.

Avast Secure browser is completely free and available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 also. Unlike the previous version, you can install the avast secure browser, no matter you have working avast antivirus installed or not.

Download Avast Safezone Browser

Avast browser download is available for free from avast website. Like its previous versions, there is now no need of downloading avast antivirus to get the avast secure browser. To download Avast Secure Browser, you can either install the latest Avast Antivirus or download the standalone browser using the button below.

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Avast Secure Browser Review 2018:

What is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast secure browser is basically the successor of the Avast Safezone browser. Well talking of the Secure Browser, you may be wondering that why shall you think of switching to the new browser in place of all the older versions you have been using till now. Well, the best outcome can be the speed and security combo.

Why should I use Avast Secure Browser?

Well talking of the secure browser, then I must say that on researching, we found that avast claims its new latest browser to be the fastest and the most reliable browser in terms of security. Avast claims that this new Secure Browser is four times faster then avast safezone browser. This makes the speed of the avast secure browser more reliable and more like chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

avast secure browser download

On testing the browser on heavy sites that are completely filled with ads and leads, we can say that this is a more reliable browser then avast safezone. Practically these days, there are no sites that run without any types of ads. So this new secure browser maintains the practicality, unlike its predecessor versions.

Avast Browser Review:

Talking about the level of securities in the avast new browser, then Avast Secure browser has high standards in security and clean browsing. With Avast Secure Browser you will get Bank Mode, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Tracking, Anti-Fingerprinting, and HTTPS encryption. Some other features like Stealth Mode or Privacy Cleaner look just like re-named features of Chrome (Incognito Mode and Clear Browsing Data).

Avast Secure Browser Features

There are many features that are offered by the avast browser as compared to chrome or Mozilla browser, that makes it one of the best browser available for the safe internet surfing. The main best thing is that all the features of the browser are present in the simple navigation tray. You can easily toggle or operate the addons and the features that come embedded with the browser.

These are the basic main points that are said to be the best feature to be experienced in the avast antivirus:

  • Integrated Secure Browser, Since the avast secure browser is integrated into the avast antivirus, so there is no worries that can cause you problems. All the threats get eliminated as the browser works with the antivirus. Also if you have not installed any antivirus then also you avast browser can make you work in a safe and sound environment.
  • Banking Mode In Avast, Very popular feature which was available also in the outdated Avast SafeZone Browser. Opens an isolated session for banking and shopping online where no one can steal (for example using keylogger) your personal data.
  • Video Downloader, Avast secure browser comes with the integrated video downloader that makes the avast best browser to download videos from youtube or any other network that are available for free. You can select the resolution and size and format in which you want your video to be downloaded.
  • Adblock, By default browser, has installed and enabled the popular extension for blocking all website ads.
  • Flash Block, Another innovative feature that boosts the security level of internet browsing, is that this browser basically blocks the flash player to work, thus eliminating the slow and vulnerable feature of the browser.
  • Anti-Fingerprinting, Hides real information about your browser (version, extensions, etc.), so no one can identify you or track you.
  • Anti-Phishing, Blocks dangerous websites and files before you even visit/download them.avast secure browser, avast secure video download
  • Anti Tracking, is also another breakthrough. Here you get the free security that will make you safe from the trackers thus eliminating the chance of getting go tagging. This feature is also available in chrome browser too. However, in this browser, this mode is pre-activated.
  • Stealth Mode, Surf web without leaving any trace on your local drives like cookies or history. This is also available in Chrome via Ctrl + Shift + T (so-called Incognito Mode).
  • HTTPS Encryption, Forces websites to use only HTTPS encryption so no one else can ‘see’ it. Please note this won’t help if the site doesn’t have it’s own SSL certificate.
  • Password manager, in this browser, simply allows you to choose which password you want to use. This password manager in the avast secure browser basically helps you in creating new and more secure passwords too.
  • Extension Guard, in the avast browser, helps and protects you from unwanted extensions that mostly come with the big promotional websites.
  • Privacy, You can clean and clear any sort of cookies and history anytime you want. The browser can clean the history that can never be traced by any means. So you have the safe and secure browsing data. If you go to browser settings (top-right corner), you will notice they are basically the same as settings in Google Chrome.

Avast Secure Browser vs. Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

On testing the avast free  secure browser with many other leading browsers like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, we found the following marked features and comparisons, mainly between avast secure browser vs chrome

  1. There is a major difference in the speed of the browser. Avast Secure browser is of the same speed as that of google chrome or Mozilla. However, Mozilla came out to be bit slower than the avast browser in terms of speed. All these three browsers come to faster than the internet explorer.
  2. Since testing is totally different from the real-time environment. Talking of the real-time environment, then, in reality, the speed of the browser loading depends on the size of the page and the connection speed of the page. Still comparing the speed of the browser on a reality basis, then Avast is as equal as chrome in terms of speed.
  3. The speed of the web pages is also influenced by the advertisement and the types of media that are available on the webpage. Since the avast secure browser is embedded with the adblock, thus it blocks the advertisements and makes the webpage to load instantly with high speeds. So this browser is also a good way to surf with high speeds.
  4. Another reason for the nice and speedy performance of the secure browser is that it blocks all the flash files to load and makes he est of the webpage to load faster. These two features can also be used in chrome and Mozilla by simply adding the plugin to them.

Avast Secure Browser: Our Verdict

Well according to the tests and experience that we gathered, we can say that avast secure browser is worth switching. If talking in terms of user interface, then secure browser by avast is as same to use as that of google chrome. This browser in addition to the simple user interface safeguards your privacy.

Avast secure browser is much more secure, safe and easy to use user interface with it. Tired of the current browser, then you shall definitely give a try to the all new Secure browser from avast. As this browser is free, thus it is one of the best option available that will make your browsing environment more safe and sound.

This browser is essentially good for online shopping and banking purposes. Since this browser works on the virtual page principle, thus it is very easy to keep yourself safe with a brand like Avast that has been a gem in the computer security field.

Is Avast Secure Browser Worth of Switching from Chrome or Firefox?

The browser does not support multiple users, and thus can be a bit of problematic for you. However, this is worth switching if you think to have the safe and hacking free environment for your working.

However, the browser doesn’t support multiple user profiles which is a shame.

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