Activate Microsoft Office 2016 Activation – With Product Key / Without Product key

From its starting, Microsoft Office has been the most chosen office software both in the professional industries and the personal uses for keeping records, creating documents, letters, presentations, graphs, and much more. Here we are going to discuss Microsoft Office 2016. Here in this article, we have completely covered all the possibilities by which you can Activate Microsoft Office 2016.

There is basically two way by which you can get your office 2016 activated.

  1. Simply by using the Microsoft office 2016 product key.
  2. Activate office without using Microsoft office 2016 product key.

Microsoft Office 2016 Features / Review

  1. Tell Me : When you are using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook or Project, Visio, and Access, simply type what you want to do in the app. Tell Me will walk you through the process. The feature is more like a smart assistant that can understand your queries written in words.
  2. Ink Equation : It is a feature that allows you to insert equations in Office built-in applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint by handwriting them. Ink Equation feature works well with a tablet pen on a tablet PC.
  3. Smart Lookup : To find the meaning of a word in your documents use Bing-powered Smart Lookup in Office 2016.
  4. New themes : The most requested dark-theme option in Office has now been accommodated in Office 2016. Users can now change the light theme to Dark Gray theme.
  5. Co-Authoring : Arguably the best addition to Office 2016 is the introduction of a feature called co-authoring, which is available in several of Office applications, such as Word and PowerPoint.
  6. Better Integration with OneDrive and Skype
  7. Smart Lookup : Now you can use a feature called “Smart Lookup” in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook to find information on almost anything on the web.
  8. Planner : For enterprise Office users, Planner allows managers to create a dashboard for group tasks. Managers can assign projects, track progress and rearrange responsibilities directly from the dashboard.
  9. New Charts in Excel 
  10. Clutter in Outlook : Microsoft’s Clutter feature in Outlook analyzes your email pattern and also observes the people you interact with the most, and using these metrics, it prioritizes your emails and only shows you what’s really important to you, while putting low priority emails into a separate folder.

Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys:

On installing the Ms Office 2016, You get the free trial for 30 days. After the trial period for the office expires, most of the functions of the product stops working and you will be needing the activated product n your pc. Well from the ways to activate office 2016, in this one we will be learning how to activate office 2016 product key and making your office completely useful.

Windows start prompting to enter the product key for Microsoft office 2016. It is nothing but the 25 digits character combination that is used for the activation of the products from microsoft. The product key is the combination of the five sets of five digits and comes in this form: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.

On purchasing the genuine copy of Microsoft Office 2016, you will get the Microsoft office product key with the package box that contains the installer for it. If you have purchased the office online and have downloaded it online, then office 2016 key will be there on your registered email. According to the Microsoft policies and the terms, you will not be allowed to use office keys on more then one pc at a time.

However, when you are still completely unable to find your product keys to activate your software or you have lost your product keys for office, then you can use the free office 2016 product keys to simply activate your copy of Microsoft office. You have to follow some basic steps so that you can easily use the product keys to activate Microsoft office listed on this page.

Activated Windows 10 Serial keys

NOTE: Since Microsoft do not allow to use more than one key on a single system, so we constantly keep updating the Microsoft office 2016 product key.

  1. Uninstall your current version of Microsoft Office installed on your computer,
  2. Reinstall your Ms office 2016 on your pc.,
  3. If you are connected and have activated windows 10, then you have to simply enter and login in the Microsoft office account asked within the installation process.
  4. When the dialogue box appears to enter your serial key, that means that your windows is not activated with Microsoft, thus you have to then use the serial keys listed below and activate your office copy.

Product Key for Microsoft Office 2016

Office 2016 License Key aksjuy-9iuey-2yuw7-hsgdt-6nhjy ajshy-1iw98-najhs-kaiuy-qoaki
Microsoft Word 2016 Product key shyfw-1oqi8-shjy6-jshdy-vgfs3 ajshy-1ujua-6ytwr-hjnb2-mkahy
Microsoft Office 2016 Product key ajsuy-8uy76-qjwu7-cbhsg-yhtw3 alski-whuys-wyehg-bchsg-ansju
Microsoft Office 365 2016 Product key alski-cbhsg-qiwuh-bchdy-18uyh alski-7bns3-alsiu-cbgt6-alski
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Product key free aksju-bhgst-29qiu-vnjks-djuwy aksiu-asdlk-iuy7t-667gf-ansjh

Office 2016 is one of the major updates that has been rolled out by Microsoft till now. From this version of office onwards, now you get the completely free and better usability in multi-devices with one activated product only. You can now run, edit and also create the document on your mobile, tablets, laptop, and also the desktop. This usability has made the office 2016 different and most advanced as compared to all its earlier versions.

Office 2016 has the options o directly share your documents online either by email, or by the online drive, or by any other method suitable for it. It has now many advanced features that make the Microsoft office to create graphically more rich documents and presentations. Integrating the Delve and Sway like business tools makes the Ms Excel more powerful in making calculations and also integrate a coding according to your uses too.

Windows 7 Activated Product keys||Daily updates

Activate Microsoft Office 2016 Without Product key:

There are many many searches going on around to find the correct ways to activate Microsoft office without product keys. Well, there are actually not many ways by which you can activate your office version without using the product keys. There are claims from websites and Microsoft forums for some steps by which you can activate it.

Basically, Microsoft office 2016 product key free can be found and the way by which you can activate your Microsoft office without any trouble. Finding the genuine office 2016 license key is not easy. Since Microsoft allows one product key to work with one license only, which provokes the key to get expired after being used. This is the reason which makes the Microsoft word 2016 product key available on the internet not working. We have made the daily updates for the product keys for office so that there is no difficulties faced by the users.

  • Many coders and users claim that they can modify the patch file and make the office working to its limits. However, we would suggest that this will be the worst method. This method only makes the product activation banner to get disappear. By this method, you cannot get the full access to the Microsoft office tools that are available and introduced from office 2016 version itself.
  • Another method to activate office 2016 without using the product keys, is by simply keep using the free trial offered by the Microsoft Corporation. In order to use the free trial for ms office, you need to download the office 2016 and get the free trial. After your free trial expires, then you have to uninstall the office completely and then go on for new download for the new version of the office and again enjoy the free one month trial. All you have to make sure is that you make the use of a new email every time your download and register on Microsoft as a user.


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